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Temples and Other Holy Places

For thousands of years, temples have been known as holy sanctuaries for those of varying faiths. Today, temples are still a large part of knitting the doctrine and spiritual concepts of religions found all over the world. Not to mention, religious churches are still alive and well, calling for all those on a spiritual journey.

Aside from distinctly religious meetinghouses and temples, there are also sacred locations found in nearly every region, also called ‘holy places’. The Holy Land is very dear to Muslims, while Mount Tai Shan is significant to both Taoists and Buddhists.

Churches and Meetinghouses

Churches and Meetinghouses

Believe it or not, these terms are not completely synonymous. A church is typically a term that refers to the organization, while a meetinghouse is the technical term for where the mass gathers.

Types of Temples

Types of Temples

Just a few of the temples in the world include Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Pagan, Taoist, Egyptian and LDS temples. Some of the other temples found in the world might surprise you!